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"Owen Harper" ($11, fanservice nails)

Free shipping on any domestic order with code TUMBLRFREYNS at fanservice nails, until midnight tonight 12:01a EDT 7/26.

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Supply Problems and Availability:

I’m having a lot of trouble getting supplies needed for Six, Invitation to Endless Wonder, Blowfish Driving a Sportscar, Happy Frog, and Tesseract—in fact the supplies in question may have been discontinued: this is what I’m trying to determine. Please bear with me as I look into alternate supply chains and possible reformulation options for these shades. Thanks!

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‘gwen cooper’ by Fanservice Nails.

Love this polish, it has amazing colour and a flawless formula. Looks purple in this picture but glows deep red with holographic sparkle. Two coats with ‘xanadu’ by Darling Diva Polish on ring finger.

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Featured polish of the day: “Cabin ($11, 0.5oz, etsy).

This blood-red jelly with flakies is a tribute to sudden reveals. Perfect for fans of genre-twisters. Polish is a full 0.5oz size, and hand-blended from 3-free nail lacquers.

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Featured polish(es) of the day: “Did I Fall Asleep?” and “Drawer of Inappropriate Starches” ($20 for the set of 2, 0.5oz/ea, etsy). 3-free.

Some shades are not meant to be the color of anything food. In fact, you might say they’re downright inappropriate. Inspired by the “boy-god of all things neuro,” this sparkly orange is an unwholesomely-addictive tribute to secret snack stashes everywhere, particularly Topher Brink’s. 

Inspired by how every engagement is supposed to end, this sheer green-blue is filled with glitter and flakies, and works well alone or layered over other colors (Not every wipe is 100%, after all).

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Featured polish of the day: “Owen Harper” ($11, 0.5oz, etsy).

Like a crisp lab coat emblazoned with cheeky badges, this sheer white packs multiple glitters and a hint of shimmer, perfect for fans of Cardiff’s finest. 3-free.

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So a while ago I messaged ytg asking if she could make something like a teal version of tesseract and she quickly messaged me back with her creation. I held off on posting anything because I sent a bottle to nick-andopolis for her birthday, but now that’s received her package I can post a picture!

As usual my picture fails to capture the bright squishy goodness (and it’s actually greener), but I love this polish and it totally jumped to one of my favorites.

edit: This is bottle shot she sent me:

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Summer nails - Fanservice “Tesseract”

Yeah, i know this is a clothing fashion blog, but y’all must know by now that i’m obsessed with nail polish too.  I really feel naked without it.  

My lovely pal recently started mixing her own nail polishes and they are simply amazing.  I am currently obsessed with this one I’m wearing, but she has tons of amazing glitter polishes.

I will be doing a giveaway next week of these polishes, but I just had to show you the one I’m currently wearing.  I am in love with it - it’s a lovely blue grey with holo glitter and tons of sparkle. 

Check out fanservice nails on etsy!

If you love fashion and aren’t reading inthethickofit, you’re missing out. Amanda has some seriously fierce style and I’m excited to be featured on her blog.

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"Burdened With Glorious Purpose," by Fanservice Nails. $11.

(My nails are really beat up this week so a nail wheel swatch is my temporary compromise. Eventually I’ll do a session with the usual bottle pose.)

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Sorry I haven’t swatched "Burdened With Glorious Purpose" yet, it’s been an unexpectedly hectic week. This weekend, I promise!